Mixed Reality in Healthcare and its New Possibilities

The World of Technical Reality (Augmented/Virtual/Mixed) brings new possibilities and opportunities especially for Clinical Care, Healthcare practices, and Medical Education.
Mixed reality (MR) combines the best of Virtual reality and Augmented reality by blending of the real-world environment with digital elements through HMD’s (head-mounted displays). Microsoft HoloLens is a hands-free experience with gestures, voice, and holographic interaction. 
Mixed Reality is an emerging technology that has enormous potential, especially in Medical education. Some examples are outlined below,
  • Learning human anatomy through cadaver dissection method is a part of medical curriculum. The disadvantages associated with this method, like dissection labs being difficult and expensive to maintain, too many students having to work on the same body, health risks of prolonged formalin exposure and dead body contact and sometimes ethical issues too. This is where a Mixed Reality System can provide immense advantages. It allows medical practitioners to view, interact, and virtually dissect replicas of patient’s organs and systems.
  • Students can practice various situations through repetitive trials with 3-D simulations and gain expertise before treating real patients.
  • Similarly, surgeons who need to perform complicated and intricate operations can benefit using 3-D imagery with HoloLens to plan and practice alignment of surgical instruments with better accuracy.
  • It is a known fact that Healthcare practitioners deliver an element of risk when they are on a learning curve. Mixed Reality using HoloLens has brought an encouraging perspective to this scenario. 

These are some of the ways that Mixed Reality is drawing a lot of attention and paving the way for phenomenal outcomes in the Healthcare sector.

As smart reality technology continues to transform the Healthcare industry, at MedicusTech we align ourselves and stay ahead by leveraging our expertise, innovation, and resources.

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Many start-ups and companies are trying to leverage the advantages of virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality in their products to generate totally new, unique experiences and engage more users. Nowadays, VR, AR, and MR can find uses in many areas and sometimes create unusual and fascinating applications.

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