Benefits of a smart Hospital Management Solution

With the shifting role of patients in today’s healthcare system and rising impact of technology, the need of the hour is a smart versatile automated hospital management system that covers all touch points and improves the quality and value of healthcare. Something that could totally change the way financial, operational, and clinical operations of healthcare are rendered. Like the HealthCare Management Solution (HMS) developed by MedicusTech; a complete scalable solution that addresses the needs of any healthcare provider, be it solo practitioners or multi-specialty clinics and practices.
It helps to manage all the aspects related to activities of a medical practice effortlessly by minimizing administrative tasks and streamlining day-to-day clinical operations including lab and pharmacy management.
Smarter, safer, more efficient! These are some of the general ways in which our HMS sets the framework for implementing hospital management best practices.

Streamlining the work processes to impart value based healthcare

Be it a routine checkup or a medical emergency, the start of the patient’s journey begins at the reception for registration. From here, depending on the symptoms and conditions and treatment procedures the patient interacts at different touchpoints till the end of consultation or discharge. Streamlined patient care is about helping patients navigate through the different touchpoints in a seamless manner through enhanced administration and control. All the work processes related to clinical support is integrated in an effective way to enable healthcare providers to spend more time on patient centered care and less time on other tasks.

Improving Healthcare decisions

This Hospital Management System helps to capture patient’s medical background and maintain accurate clinical records enabling doctors, physicians, and other authorized practitioners to access real-time information on the fly, an asset for emergency preparedness. This will also enable the pharmacists to provide exact medicine based on prescriptions, lab technicians to perform lab tests accurately, and patients to take the right dosage on time through automated notifications.

Increased Patient participation and satisfaction

Patients do not need to undergo unknown and stressful wait times. They can schedule their own appointments, access their medical records and take more responsibility and participate actively in their treatment process thus contributing to their own health safety. 

The power of automation to increase productivity in administration tasks

Automated solutions reduces the manual mistakes caused by pharmacy technicians, clinicians, non-clinicians, nursing and paramedical staff alike. It also involves complete transparency and traceability. And helps hospitals to better utilize their workforces and reduce costs than ever before. 

Ensuring safe and effective use of medicines

A hospital’s pharmacy needs varies. Stock management of medicines and other supplies, from procuring, ordering, storing, preservation to tracking medicine utilization especially for products that have timestamp on their usage; it is crucial keep tabs on everything for continuous and successful prescription fulfillment.

Now that you are aware of the needs, benefits, and value of a good Hospital Management solution, it is important to take the next phenomenal step. Our cloud-based HMS is scalable and can be customized to best fit any hospital’s requirement. Contact us to check out how we can help you now.

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